Deciding on a dime

After purchasing these beautiful woodmode cabinets over a year ago (see here), we couldn’t wait to get a layout doing. However after a year and half it became crunch time… so its a good thing we finally made a decision.

After getting the cabinets Greg and I mathematically placed the cabinets on every inch of wall space, great for practicality right? Well it did mean that our appliances were all lumped together in order fridge, sink, stove and nothing really appeared functional or aesthetic.

Therefore we asked a designer friend of ours to sketch up plans for us. However with some mis-measuring and we taped the layout on the floor and after a few weeks of going back and forth we decided this layout still felt closed off. (Which was opposite from our 892374932 reasons to gut the kitchen).

Notice the doorway on the right only gets opened by 6 inches.. which isn’t the open feeling we were hoping for. And after walking in the “newly taped” space we realized it was going to feel more enclosed and smaller by the sink then we had originally intended. With 2 people in the kitchen the lack of countertops already.. space would still be hard to come by in addition to the addition of a second empty wasted space corner cabinet (left corner). (Because we only have 1 lazy Susan corner cabinet)

We loved the open shelving, and the fact that we actually could have a functional pantry.

However the plan also required multiple fillers, skins and edge panels (something we had expected going into this) but in addition to having to purchase 2 additional cabinets ($1500-$2000/per cabinet) the $$ started adding up pretty quickly for a layout neither of us were jumping for.

So after a day of thinking on it, I landed on this sketch and we both fell in love.  We could take down the wall to the dining room opening up the entertaining space, which so many of our friends and families had also suggested, in addition to adding an island for the helpers in the kitchen.

This layout still utilizes the same cabinets from craigslist, a few modifications to the pantry and above fridge cabinet, and the abundance of open shelving we wanted.

Did I mention I also get my pretty stainless steel hood vent fan 🙂 and lots of open upper shelving paired with an extra base cabinet for even more storage!

We are using this as our base layout knowing that since both of us are indecisive there is a 99.99999% chance modifications will be made as we start diving into the details, but for now this is just the motivation we needed to MOVE THAT WALL!


My Very First Pinterest Project

True to the inner crafter in me, I fell hard for Pinterest. You know the kind of falling head over heels in love with it that it borders on obsession. Yes that kind.  Anyways this brings me to the story of the completion of my very first Pinterest project.

Being newly engaged I was heartbroken when my fiance had to relocate 3000 miles back to NY from the beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona where we had learned to call home. And as a true engineer anticipating the move, we had to downgrade from our 1800 sq ft town home, to an 800 sq ft apartment. (me=sad face).

Not that we Greg let me fill an 1800 sq ft apartment but moving 2 people into an 800 sq ft apartment, plus a room-mate was going to be a challenge.  It was an especially tight space, for our big furniture, big tv, big table, big bed,  and Guinness. All these things fit well in our first place, but not so great here. Anyways, we quickly found out how awkward and unusable the space became once all of our stuff was CRAMMED into the tiny apartment. There was no place to put our shoes, hang our coats, and keep all the necessities for winter and flagstaff (hat, gloves, camelback, dog leashes.. etc.)

My Tada Moment – Insert PINTEREST. I found the below Pin, and was in heaven! This was cool, decorative way to keep things off of the floor and I could build that by myself out of an old pallet.

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