Kitchen Demo Weekend – Day 2

Day 2 of 3 – Actual Kitchen Demo

9am – While tarping  up both sides of the hallway, while hanging a temporary light (thanks to my purchase of black tarps.. duh future note get the clear ones..) our first helpers arrived to help with the demo.

First we needed to get the appliances out… however we could not fit them through the narrow opening of the existing doorway therefore we needed to take down part of the wall first to slide the appliances into the kitchen. The door frame was removed, and exposed some (what I think is) Awesome Wall Paper, two layers underneath the paneling, and I was pretty upset I didn’t get to see the wallpaper for the last year and a half as I think it was prettier then the paneling.

(Note: We didn’t remove the whole wall at first, under the guideline of you can always take out more, but it would be harder to add wall and paneling back.

It took a lot of effort.. and as more helpers arrived everyone got there turn to swing a  hammer..

However I may be a little partial…

After part of the wall was out, appliances were removed which made the space feel HUGE!

Especially from this angle.. this is where I did a little happy dance..

Next up was getting rid of the pantry:

And the built in original cabinets and countertop:

How many helpers were needed you ask… seven 1/2 including me.. but obviously me on my camera with bronchitis I wasn’t the greatest extra set of hands..

With the countertop out, Greg was hoping to save the cabinets for the garage or basement work space.. however the cabinets were custom built in the kitchen they weren’t going to come apart in boxes.. so off to the Bagster they went..

In his picture is where Greg and Fran learn that the painted over square tiles are actually adhered metal tiles glued individual and painted over at least a couple of times. Each square on this wall and behind the fridge

After a break for lunch , the concrete came down with a 12-lb sledge hammer borrowed from the neighbor.. However as this was occurring we realized that the Bagster was getting almost too full.. so I opted for a quick Home Depot run to pick up a second bag.

By the time I got back, I helped finish removing the opening wall, while Greg angle ground off the wire mesh from the top corner perimeter (note: that stuff is evil according to him)

By 4pm: our house looked like this:

With a little sweeping here is what the kitchen looked like on Saturday before Demo and Sunday after Demo.

Closing with Greg was pretty proud of himself and wanted a picture in the new kitchen to remember the big day from.

Total Spent – Day 2: $1300

Bagster 2 – $30
Pizza & Beer for Family and Friends – $65


Deciding on a dime

After purchasing these beautiful woodmode cabinets over a year ago (see here), we couldn’t wait to get a layout doing. However after a year and half it became crunch time… so its a good thing we finally made a decision.

After getting the cabinets Greg and I mathematically placed the cabinets on every inch of wall space, great for practicality right? Well it did mean that our appliances were all lumped together in order fridge, sink, stove and nothing really appeared functional or aesthetic.

Therefore we asked a designer friend of ours to sketch up plans for us. However with some mis-measuring and we taped the layout on the floor and after a few weeks of going back and forth we decided this layout still felt closed off. (Which was opposite from our 892374932 reasons to gut the kitchen).

Notice the doorway on the right only gets opened by 6 inches.. which isn’t the open feeling we were hoping for. And after walking in the “newly taped” space we realized it was going to feel more enclosed and smaller by the sink then we had originally intended. With 2 people in the kitchen the lack of countertops already.. space would still be hard to come by in addition to the addition of a second empty wasted space corner cabinet (left corner). (Because we only have 1 lazy Susan corner cabinet)

We loved the open shelving, and the fact that we actually could have a functional pantry.

However the plan also required multiple fillers, skins and edge panels (something we had expected going into this) but in addition to having to purchase 2 additional cabinets ($1500-$2000/per cabinet) the $$ started adding up pretty quickly for a layout neither of us were jumping for.

So after a day of thinking on it, I landed on this sketch and we both fell in love.  We could take down the wall to the dining room opening up the entertaining space, which so many of our friends and families had also suggested, in addition to adding an island for the helpers in the kitchen.

This layout still utilizes the same cabinets from craigslist, a few modifications to the pantry and above fridge cabinet, and the abundance of open shelving we wanted.

Did I mention I also get my pretty stainless steel hood vent fan 🙂 and lots of open upper shelving paired with an extra base cabinet for even more storage!

We are using this as our base layout knowing that since both of us are indecisive there is a 99.99999% chance modifications will be made as we start diving into the details, but for now this is just the motivation we needed to MOVE THAT WALL!

Ikea Slipcovering a Non-Ikea Sofa

As college students who moved every 3 months for 5 years, it’s been hard for us to rationalize having items that didn’t fit in our car for [practical] reasons. One of our good friends even decided to give up on belongings all together and start an adventure living in a 1988 Lindy motor home (check him out here his story is awesome).

So one of our first projects in our first home were these jungle floral couches in our sun room. [Donated to our empty house from one of our amazing family members] We love hanging out in here, the room gets great natural light, a nice breeze and at night it has this dim mood lighting relaxing feel to it. We also loved these sofa’s, as in the evening Greg and I each would lay on a couch and tell one another about our day. So while they had great function they didn’t quite match our style ideas for the house (even though as a friend pointed out they match the original wall color in the room YUCK).

Our lovely solid pieces of furniture

So I set-off on a mission on how to re purpose these loveseats on a low low budget. I looked at slip covers from various stores, but they were all too big, were made for big round arms, or were hundreds of dollars a piece [boo]. But I stumbled upon the Karlstad loveseat from Ikea, and it dawned on me that my jungle floral couches are an almost match. Ikea has slipcovers for $39 – $200+. While I loved the $200 ones my budget just didn’t stretch that far for two slipcovers. So for $39 we invested in the white covers, and $39 well that was the cheapest cover I’ve found.

Karlstad Love Seat Cover in White from Ikea – $39.00

::screech:: Hold the Horses! A WHITE Sofa’s? Really?

I know, I know, White sofa in a sunroom and with a black-haired dog YIKES! So I did my research and found multiple blogs [here and here and here] of mom’s with kids, and after 2+ years still love their white sofas. I even debated dying them like The Handmade House. However “they” say to wash every week, and with an occasional bleaching as needed, they hold up beyond anyone’s initial expectations. With that we were sold!

At first glance when the slipcovers arrived it looked like a complete failure. It looked like a failed project and these were going to end up on Ebay. The cushion covers are too big, and the arms are slightly odd shaped comparatively. But Greg insisted I keep trying, and with a little bit of imagination I started in.

First, it required removal of the sofa skirt. Using my big strong arm muscle power, a pair of pliers, and my lovely Fiskars utility scissors, the skirt border came apart with removal with what felt like 100,000 staples.
And Ta da! Look at the beauty of a sofa that was unvailed just by removing the sofa skirt!

The next step involved a little bit of pushing and pulling with the Ikea slipcover. Our jungle sofa isn’t an exact dimensional match, but is so close… Therefore a seem ripper came in handy to remove the seems along the edges of the cover that typically fit the corners of the sofa.

Then came the fun part, there was a lot of tucking, pulling and sticking of of velcro hook tape and waiting 24 hours. So far I’ve only velcro attached the front of the sofa’s everything else is hanging freely temporarily. I would like to say at some point I will seem up a good fit, but as life gets in the way I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. The cushions on our jungle sofa were also a lot smaller then the Karlstad, so for now they’re just folded over and tucked underthe cushions

Overall they have that kind of wrinkled Ikea sofa look (as there is slot of tucking) but so far I’m just in love with the transformation. Ta-Da! Our Completed Sofa!

Our Finished Sofa – Me= So Proud

The room in the daylight feels more polished and finished (until we can paint & decorate).

Sun Room 2

View of Sunroom For Now

Check back soon for more updates to the sunroom!

What do you think of our new sofa covers, anyone else have a better idea for <;$80 for two?