The story of the three little tables

So its been awhile (okay a very very very long while), but between the holidays (yes last years holidays), diy projects, oh and a small event we’ll call our wedding… time slipped by me.  So to catch up, I thought I’d share the story of our lovely dining room table which I continue to receive comments about. This like the fence was one of my solo pet projects I completed by myself. Yay!

As I said our story is like the story of the three little pigs, only in this case we’re talking about tables. Once upon a time, when we purchased our little home place we tried to use our existing furniture. Our first table was a  $100 Craigslist  find that we had for 2 years, it fit perfectly in our Arizona Townhouse. . {Perfect doesn’t even begin to describe how well it fit in our space out there.}

…however in this place it was just TOO BIG… (notice the lack of walkways around the table from the sun room through to the rest of the house).

So we listed it on Craigslist for $100, and sought out find ourselves our next table. Thinking we needed to go smaller I attempted a 2-person table with drop side fold able leaves. and only 2 chairs. Perfect right?

… but this table was just too small. (Wah.. Wah) Not only did we only have seating for two, but it just wasn’t functional for even just the two of us. So it was back to the drawing board… bum bum bum..  {please don’t mind my spatches of colors all over the wall..}

While perusing for my next adventure of the table I had fallen in love with this one on Pinterest,  however instead of building a frame (which I now know would of been easier!), I wondered if I could just add a new top to an existing table and chair set as seen here at ourvintagehomelove.

And then one day there it was, our perfect table.. okay well it definitely wasn’t perfect and I WISH I took a picture of it at the garage sale. It cost us $40 and I was just absolutely giddy the whole way home. (ask Greg.. he remembers)

Our find: a wood table with two side benches, that had been let loose in a children’s paint classroom. Everything but the tops had been painted in bright bold primary colors. But I sold Greg on the potential and he left me do my thing.

I spent all summer experimenting with different paint strippers, and steel wool to clean up and remove the 3-4 coats of paint underneath the legs and bases. Boy did I wish I had gotten that Dremel wedding gift sooner…

Paint Stripping Table and Bench Leg Spindles

I then spray painted all of the legs and bases with a primer coat, and multiple coats of white satin enamel paint, until they were restored to their former and current glory days.

spray painting garage sale table to rustic table

I then sanded and joined 2×10’s until they were baby soft smooth.

2x10's for table top

Wiped on Java stain and let sit for 20 minutes, wiped it off (giving some areas light and dark), then re-distressed edges and areas with my sander again..

staining a table top

After 823479327 coats of poly, and an extra set of hands to mount it to the table base, we were finally left with our beautiful table! Ta-Da!



pretty diy farmhouse table

Pretty table.