Kitchen Demo Weekend Day 1

The day finally came, it was DEMO Day!!!

Okay well almost, lets back up a little.. we broke demo weekend into 3 parts (since it was a long weekend and we had plenty of time).

Day 1 – Saturday- Organization
This entailed getting everything out of the kitchen in addition to setting up our temporary kitchen for the next 3 + months. Deciding on what was absolutely necessary the below is what we came up with. (As we’ve now been living like this for a week and a half, I’d say we did a pretty good job remembering the essentials… however I”m sure I forgot something)

Our main appliances are limited down to:

  1. Fridge
  2. Toaster Oven
  3. Hot Plate
  4. Coffee Maker
  5. Hot Water Kettle
  6. Hot Air Popcorn (Greg’s impulse grab)
  7. Blender (small ninja blender attachment)

Shelving 1

Top Shelf: OvenMitt, Kitchen Towels, Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Bags, Toaster Oven Accessories

Breakfast Essentials: Cereal, Rasins, Oatmeal, Dried Fruit, Coffee, Sugar, Coffee Filters

Middle Shelf: Gluten Free Cookbooks (Crockpot meals!), Coffee Mugs to take to Work, Disposable Everything: plates, silverware, bowls, napkins, coffee mugs. Spice Basket.

Pots: Includes 1 small pot, 1 stirfry everything pan, kitchen appliances and 1 Mixing/Popcorn Bowl, 1 Colander, 1 2 Cup Measuring Cup, Cheese Grater, Wine Opener, Beer Opener, Pizza Cutter, and Tbsp & Tsp Measurements,

Baking Items; These are all of my flours however since they were opened I didn’t want to put them in the basement.

WINE: We already have 2 wine fridges (1 white, 1 for red).

Mini- Kitchen: Appliances, cutting board, knives, and mini mug of 5 essential cooking utensils.

Shelving 2 – Food and misc items

We also kept our kitchen dishes however honestly we haven’t used them for the shear convenience of disposable. However we still have a dirty dishes bin (to carry downstairs to the utility sink). In addition to the trash and recycling bins are in the gray bin on the bottom shelf, we just put a lid on it so Guinness can’t get at everything… its been mildly successful..

In addition this metal folding table serves as our counter top and the hub for our mini kitchen. Since its metal we’re figuring it can handle the heat from our appliances over a traditional plastic table.

So now that the mini-kitchen was set-up we were all ready for DAY 2. DEMO DAY!

Total Spent – Day 1: ~$1200 (includes $1000 from cabinets -here)

Shelving – $120
Bagster – $30
Dust Masks – $10 (already had from Habitat Re-Store)
Garbage Bags – $10
Plastic Bins (to store all other kitchen items) – $30 (6 @$5/pc)


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