Vegetable Garden – Part 3

So after the SPLAT we were left with this..   <<sad face>>

As we were leaving for a week vacation 3 days later and I already had plants in the large box fighting for their life.., we scrambled and ended up with this beautiful box.

I should mention I have the world’s best husband… I don’t think I give him enough credit.. but he’s pretty awesome.

So while I was dealing with the peeling paint closet fiasco… <see here> we rescued and rebuilt a smaller version using deck braces.. they were pricier then I had hoped for (total at $25) but this baby isn’t going anywhere!

This is how excited I was to see the finished product!

A few weeks later we started seeing our first fruits:

While the fruits were initially small now a few months later the tomatoes have really taken shape and I’m ending up with an abundance, and some lessons learned.. – ugh dryrot..

Vegetable Garden 1/2 Way

As of today, we have:
a handful of large tomatoes (a variety),
cherry tomatoes reaching ripeness on a daily basis which is more of candy then being used in cooking..
2-3 zucchini’s and after the zucchini and squash were done and died, I re transplanted the hot pepper plants which were growing in 1″ of toppled over soil… {picture to come}
2-3 banana peppers which seem to grow in pretty much anything including in 1″ of topsoil on top of concrete.

Overall we had a nice dinner with our one non-rotted tomato and squash, looking forward to all the remaining tomatoes ripening for maybe a nice tomato sauce.


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