Oye with the poodles already..

So this story starts when I had the greatest idea known to man! (SPOILER ALERT.. IT WASN’T). Since we were moving closets and playing bedroom musical chairs in the house, I thought; “What if I painted and updated my closet!?”

Before Closet:

Genius right! I convinced Greg to let me paint the interior top half of my closet with a yellow chevron. We were moving our bedroom into this room and I had a week deadline before we left for vacation. Surely, it wouldn’t take that long, I would have time to spare and work on all kinds of stuff in the meantime including creating more storage like the dream closet so I could fit all my clothes.

Dream closet:

Day 1. Paint Base Color – All Closets Should be white instead of weird tan.., and we had white Semi-Gloss Sherwin Williams Paint, already,  Sweet. Easy. Done. Free YaY!

Day 2. Tape off Chevron Lines – Okay so this thing was tricky, but surely this had to be the worst part right?
[spoiler alert.. it wasn’t]

I drew, and cut, and penciled, and erased, and marked.. and well it was alot of work..

chevron wall paint taping

and after 1 long late night it looked like it was going to pay off.. ta-da!

Chevron Wall Taping

Sweet. Almost There, now the easy parts

Day 3. Paint Yellow Paint – Sweet, another easy part.

Yellow Chevron Painted Wall Closet

Nailed it right.. watch some paint dry with the pup..

Paint another coat of paint..

yellow chevron wall paint
Day 3. Last Step – Pull off Tape slowly..



The paint all layers peeled (almost all the time) off the wall..  See how cute it might have looked if it wasn’t all peel y? {I even have a cute glass door to go on the closet, so that you’d see it. It was going to be wonderful! Blah.. Well after I got over my complete disappointment and reality set in we went on vacation.

Vacation Our Home Place

However after vacation reality set in and that meant 4-Days straight of scraping, sanding, and priming properly to get the closet back to step 1 even before the disaster.

The base layer of paint must have been an oil based paint (good to note for other rooms..) But super frustrating as it took this easy cute project to a disaster pain in my rear end. On the good side this was only a closet, and not an entire wall! EEek..

Final pictures to come on my abandoned yellow chevron closet 😦 but  Live. Learn and then get Luvs.. 

Anyone else have a terrible diy story..


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