Yay! Grass!

Spring is here (finally!), and now I want to be in our backyard with the magical addition of  ::you guessed it:: Grass! Even Guinness Approves

New Lawn

This was our lawn last year when we moved in… sad looking..

So last fall we got bids and hired out having top soil (brought in by wheelbarrow) and grass seed laid. (Best $700 ever spent, they had to manually wheel in the top soil and spread it amongst the yard, and they did it all before I came home! yay!) Then after 4 weeks of continuous watering (we used a timer found on clearance at Home Depot last fall), and kept Guinness off of the lawn (worst month ever) we finally ended up with this at the end of last season:

growing grass from seed

Sigh of relief here, as having a lawn really helps our back yard feel like a place we can hang out instead of just a place I try to deter people from seeing. And while I wish Guinness hadn’t dug up the yard, those 4 weeks of keeping her off of the yard was brutal!

The green grass actually makes me want to be out there! However I think Guinness really misses Arizona.. she for some reason still likes laying in the only dirt area left.. and next to the dead lilac bush (the one she ate to death)

dead puppy

Yay Spring is here! Next up on the Docket for outside:

    • Build Outdoor Patio Furniture
    • Build Patio Sofa (in process)
    • Make Cushions for Patio Set
    • Build Gate
    • Remove the small old fence posts (half done)
    • Install Lattice Top to Other Fence Gate
    • Paint/Treat Gate
    • Plant Trees (Picking out trees currently)
    • Build Raised Vegetable Garden
    • Start & Maintain Compost Pile
    • Install Privacy Screen/Pit/Shade (Maybe a tree will be good for this)