Adirondack Chair Repair

Did you notice the Adirondack chair that was in the summer wrap up? When we purchased the house there was this sad little piece of furniture left behind by the previous owners. While we didn’t have any outdoor furniture it looked like it was on its way to the curb.  It was weathered, tired, and unstable… (poor chair)

However, Greg tightened up the loose nuts and bolts and it became sturdy again. Ta-Da! Okay we wish, but it was still pretty grungy, dirty and yucky looking.

So once it was structurally okay, I worked on the restoration (my apologies for the lack of pictures). I used a Behr wood cleaner, and with some a scrub brush and within 2 applications it really brought the wood to a natural shine.
Note use gloves when using that toxic stuff, it worked awesome but I did learn my lesson.

After a few weeks of going back and forth I picked up a blue outdoor spray paint which I had hoped would match the cushions for the other patio set we were building. I found the perfect bright blue satin color at my local Valu Hardware store and went to town. It took about 3 cans (and while it still needs another good coat),  I was too anxious and after it dried I fell in love with it. ::happy chair::

❤ What do you think? Are brightly colored furniture going to be out of style? Anyone else have a piece of furniture they helped bring to life?


One Comment on “Adirondack Chair Repair”

  1. Bojangles says:

    Wow! Awesome chair. I love it! =) You are so crafty.

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