Summer/Fall 2012 Outdoor Wrap-Up

So summer is officially over. ::sad face::  As summer and fall blurred this year (or at least I like to blur them) I thought I’d wrap up the progress we’ve made outside in the last few months. Here are some before and after shots from when we purchased the house until now. It excites us a lot!

Weed, Lay Top-Soil & Grow Grass from Seed



Build outdoor patio furniture

The grass is still spotty! But its a worlds improvement from where it was!



Install Gate to Backyard





Comparing the before and after shots really helps us to feel like we are starting to cross items off of the to-do list. Some of the remaining goals left for next year are:

  • Remove the small old fence posts
  • Install Lattice Top to Other Fence Gate
  • Paint/Treat Gate
  • Finish Concrete Pad
  • Build Patio Sofa or 2 More Chairs
  • Make Cushions for Patio Set
  • Plant Trees
  • Build Raised Vegetable Garden
  • Start & Maintain Compost Pile
  • Install Privacy Screen/Pit/Shade

We’ll see what we cross off in Spring 2013. Anyone else wrap up projects before the cooler weather has hit?


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