Building a Gate – Part 1 cont.

So as you can remember we were in need of a fence [here]. And in need pronto [here]. However while the posts for the 4×4’s went in with ease, we made a poor cutting judgement at Home Depot which left us with posts that were over 1 foot short of the gate that I was building. [here].

The part we’ll gloss over is the part where Greg had to remove the previously cut and installed 4×4’s. While the posts were east to install, the posts are not meant to be removed… It took multiple hours to drill out all of the pressure treated lumber from the posts… However once they were removed the new posts went in with ease.

But back to my original story: here is the design/sketch I was hoping to go for:

However the douglas fir – pressure treated lumber we got at Home Depot looked like the below when we purchased them.

Douglas Fir Fence Boards - Home Depot

So I strapped on a respirator and went to sanding them smooth. If we have to touch the gate, I wanted to make sure it was sliver free.

Then I moved on to the assembly.  I measured and double measured the actual wood pieces against my drawing, I was able to assemble the pieces in groups; first glueing with Elmer’s outdoor/indoor wood glue and then 3/4″ nails.

First, I assembled the 1×4 Douglas Fir Pine boards together on the 1×2’s we had leftover from the front door project.

*ps. yes I know i spelt glueing gluing incorrectly

After successfully gluing and nailing both sides, I was even able to stand the gate up! 🙂 <– Pretty exciting moment for me after being trapped in the basement.

Then after the base was assembled, I was able to assemble the lattice.

Once the glue and the nails set, it had started sprinkling outside, however I wasn’t ready to give up and see how I did. And luckily I did okay.

The fence fit almost perfectly, however just to make sure it would work Greg used the angle grinder and sanded down the sides just to make sure they were perfectly smooth.

After the rain let up, I installed the small fascia side panel. As we have a drain pipe with a clean out, we wanted a removable piece so that we could still get to the clean out. I used L brackets and screws.

As we were finishing the test fit, and assembly of the latch system we realized that there was just dirt to walk on when it was opened. While we hope to eventually have concrete poured here to finish off the sidewalk, right now we installed just a quick solution.

In the front flower bed there were some flat rocks, so we decided to install them level in the dirt just to help for this fall/winter and until spring. (we do know it is not the correct way to install them, but as a quick fix we hope it will work until we can have a contractor pour some concrete to fix the end of the driveway.

A few hinges, a latch system, and some more brackets, and had ourselves a fence ladies and gents… until next time


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