Building a Gate – Wrap-Up

After a few different posts on our gate, I thought it would be helpful to do a wrap-up on our progress we made in just 1 week! (two and a half days due to all of the rain)

Here’s the before:


The idea:


The sketch:


And the after:


Open: (note the new stone rocks)


After: Backside view



If you can check out our reason for a gate, design ideas, the post installation, and the building of the gate. Any questions feel free to let me know! In the spring once the pressure treated wood is weathered we can paint/stain it to match the side panel. So many options I’m glad we have until spring to decide!


2 Comments on “Building a Gate – Wrap-Up”

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  2. Sam. says:

    After about 2 years, how is the gate holding up? I am curious if the EZ post base is able to hold up the weight of the door. Please do let me know as I am planning to do almost the exact thing.

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