Building a Gate – Wrap-Up

After a few different posts on our gate, I thought it would be helpful to do a wrap-up on our progress we made in just 1 week! (two and a half days due to all of the rain)

Here’s the before:


The idea:


The sketch:


And the after:


Open: (note the new stone rocks)


After: Backside view



If you can check out our reason for a gate, design ideas, the post installation, and the building of the gate. Any questions feel free to let me know! In the spring once the pressure treated wood is weathered we can paint/stain it to match the side panel. So many options I’m glad we have until spring to decide!


Building a Gate – Part 1 cont.

So as you can remember we were in need of a fence [here]. And in need pronto [here]. However while the posts for the 4×4’s went in with ease, we made a poor cutting judgement at Home Depot which left us with posts that were over 1 foot short of the gate that I was building. [here].

The part we’ll gloss over is the part where Greg had to remove the previously cut and installed 4×4’s. While the posts were east to install, the posts are not meant to be removed… It took multiple hours to drill out all of the pressure treated lumber from the posts… However once they were removed the new posts went in with ease.

But back to my original story: here is the design/sketch I was hoping to go for:

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Building a Gate – Part 1

Now that you’ve seen the designs, I thought I should show you the progress we made the first weekend. We tried squeezing in as much stuff as we could before the afternoon rain set in so we attacked it in two parts; Greg took installing the posts while I spent the time in the basement building the actual gate.

As you may remember this was our intended design:

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Gate Ideas

As this weekend turned into putting up a gate to blockade our Master Escape Artist, see hereGreg & I began to look into what type of gate we’d want to put up.

This is what Greg was originally thinking we’d do:

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The Escape Artist

Our house was sold with a “fenced in” back yard. And by “fenced in”, I mean it was only missing the oober critical gate. No big deal Guinness our lovely pup, has lived with us in my Arizona apartment fenced in by only by 2 temporary dog pens. While her sister was a skilled pen hurdler, Guinness always felt content staying on her side of the barrier.

Temp Dog Gate

For the last 6 months we have been using these “temporary” barriers just to get us by. They’ve acted as a temporary gate and on the long, long, long list of things to do was: put up a gate. Every weekend we talked about putting one up but it just seemed so unnecessary since we were all content (Guinness included).

For the last 3 weeks Guinness has been cooped up in a small pen as seen above. The backyard was recently seeded and while we are amidst growing grass (<3) we can’t risk her love for eating grass and digging holes. Long story, but as you could guess… she’s not enjoying it

The first time we noticed something fishy was after our weekday date night earlier in the week. Pulling into the driveway Greg thought he saw something in the dark shadows and turned into super protective man mode. After a few seconds passed and the coast being clear, we headed towards the house however before reaching the house we were greeted by YouKnowWho in our driveway. interesting… very interesting…

The next day we double checked the gates and the blockades before we left for work. However we received a call around noon while we were at work from our Town Police. They happened to find her by herself just leisurely strolling 5 blocks away from home on her daily walk route. Adventurous Dog Lucky for us they happily delivered her home, and locked the door behind them. phew.. how she did it? no clue?

Friday night, we come home again and this time my stomach dropped. The gate was pushed to the side, door shut, and a dog was nowhere to be seen. We did however find this note as seen below.

(Did I mention we have the BEST NEIGHBORS!) Seriously they are just awesome, and welcomed Guinness as she ventured over to play with their puppy. So we’re even now as their puppy had escaped a few nights prior and showed up at our house to play a few nights prior.

Anyways with an escape artist on our hands, and not a clue on how she is doing it.. building a gate has become our new weekend project.

Anyone else have a master escape artist on their hands? Or a new spontaneous weekend project?