Brightening My Work Home

As many of you know I transitioned back from Flagstaff to Buffalo, NY this past spring. When transitioning back, I was unimpressed with the gray skies and I missed the sunshine from where I worked in Flagstaff. As we spend 40+ hours a week at work, I thought I should enjoy being there. While I’m on the road occasionally, or out on the testing floor, I still spend a majority of my time in my cube.

I did a quick search in google and was able to find the following inspiration ideas!

Jungle themed – I liked how the bright bold colors popped
and how professional the space still is.

Too Christmasy – But simple, classic and pretty

Too much of a good thing – But I liked the blue and the big floral pattern

So after 2 weeks in my new cube I had had it! Too much gray both in my cube and outside the window. [drab] After work I went straight to JoAnn Fabrics (with my 40% off coupon of course!) and went to pick out a yard or two of fabric. I grabbed the first one that reminded me of my inspiration and headed on home.

The next day, (I wish there was pictures) I could be seen sitting on my desk hunched under the cabinets pinning my new fabric into place with tacks. It required lots of tucking and pushing along the seems (so it looked like it was suppose to be there). My colleagues who knew me previously just laughed, and the new coworkers of mine thought I was just a little bit nuts I think. But overall I was pretty happy with my work! It’s nice for me, but not flashy & distracting to others.

Here is first shot from March 2012:

Recent Update 6 Months Later: 

I’ve added some more personal touches to make it feel more like my “work home” (since I spend so  much time here). This includes pictures & photo booth strips from weddings, safety glasses, the group’s ladybug candy bowl, my I<3 Jim pencil mug, my princess scepter, my favorite artistic drawings from my cousins of our family (Greg, Guinness and I)… oh and the necessary items for “work” … you know what I have to use to work all day.

Brightening a Cube Space

What do you think?


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