My Very First Pinterest Project

True to the inner crafter in me, I fell hard for Pinterest. You know the kind of falling head over heels in love with it that it borders on obsession. Yes that kind.  Anyways this brings me to the story of the completion of my very first Pinterest project.

Being newly engaged I was heartbroken when my fiance had to relocate 3000 miles back to NY from the beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona where we had learned to call home. And as a true engineer anticipating the move, we had to downgrade from our 1800 sq ft town home, to an 800 sq ft apartment. (me=sad face).

Not that we Greg let me fill an 1800 sq ft apartment but moving 2 people into an 800 sq ft apartment, plus a room-mate was going to be a challenge.  It was an especially tight space, for our big furniture, big tv, big table, big bed,  and Guinness. All these things fit well in our first place, but not so great here. Anyways, we quickly found out how awkward and unusable the space became once all of our stuff was CRAMMED into the tiny apartment. There was no place to put our shoes, hang our coats, and keep all the necessities for winter and flagstaff (hat, gloves, camelback, dog leashes.. etc.)

My Tada Moment – Insert PINTEREST. I found the below Pin, and was in heaven! This was cool, decorative way to keep things off of the floor and I could build that by myself out of an old pallet.

Elle Sweden Interior Design

Sccreeech.. then the brakes came when I realized a) where would I get an old pallet b) how would I modify it to work (without the circular saw) and c) how the heck would I get that into my mini cooper. I mean i ❤ my mini cooper but occasionally it is very impractical in these DIY situations.

So I ventured off to Home Depot and with my trusty design in lumber and metal shoe racks. I bought the cheapest lumber I could find and a young man was nice enough to pre-cut it for me at the store! Score! This way I could just take it home in pieces. (all fitting in the mini cooper)

My first step was painting all of the lumber, I filled the floor anywhere I had room with the 2×4 and 1×4 covered in white paint. I didn’t get a picture of the mess I made but I did snap this one of Guinness hiding out in the guest room, terrified of what I was doing taking up all of the (what i could find) floor space.

After I painted and let the lumber dry for a day, I set out on the assembly. Drill in hand [I did have to purchase drill bits (as Greg took our shared set), and some wall anchors (as I had no idea where the studs were).}  I used wall anchors to mount the 2×4’s to the wall, not having a level, I just eye balled it in the right mark and pencil marked where my two “pallets” were going to hang.

After hanging the first stud I felt like ::superwoman:: I, by myself hung a 2×4. haha I mean I know its not a huge feat, but I was so ecstatic. I even sent the following pictures to my room-mate, greg and my dad in sequential order to share my excitement as I assembled the items piece by piece.

Well my room-mate came home half way through and offered to help me. So she helped me be my level when hanging the 1×4’s across the 2×4’s to make sure they were somewhat evenly spaced apart, and had the right overhang. In addition she even helped me hammer in the 1×4’s with nails onto the 2×4’s.

Then towards the end I got overly confident, and a little less accurate with my ruler.. hence the extra holes in the wall as I mis-drilled the wall anchors for the 4th 2×4 once [it was crooked], twice[ it was too low], three times was the charm.

The best part about my mistake was that you couldn’t tell once I put up the 1×4’s across. ::cough cough:: I purposely put a 1×4 across the width over my bad holes. After hanging  my mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond ($9.00 clearance) Ta-Da!

My designer wall hanging project. [well minus the important part.. hangers, shoe rack and things]

And since my room-mate is awesome, she found these great stocking hanger clips on the clearance (it was after Christmas) at Target. (If I haven’t shared my love of Target, i’m sure you’ll start to pick up on it!)

Anyways these were so perfect, they’re flexible enough that we could bend them to be the type of hook we wanted. We got the darker brushed metal. And they worked great! You can buy them here, however we got them on clearance.

I also went back to Home Depot and purchased two 3′ Closet maid self supported shoe racks for underneath the pallets (since my pallets were 3′ wide. You can find those here. No coupon, it was just a splurge as I just really couldn’t  wait to finish the project and have our final product!

And then once I put the shoe racks together, and the hooks with our coats and belongings. The racks were super useful! I even added a brown cube bin (also from Target) and added all of my scarves, gloves and hats. You can see it below the shoe rack on the right hand side. (The main reason for this was the puppies continually snagging hiding a glove or hat on me…)

My first Pinterest project!! And I loved/love it.

Since I’ve moved I wish I would of gotten a picture of Nicole and Wendy pulling it down off of the wall before the movers came. But since my girlfriends were AWESOME and managed to pull it down for me and patch the HUGE holes for me, the movers moved it for me and now they are located in our new house. All I need now is a place to hang them.

Any ideas on where to place? Or what we should do with them now?
(we’ll have to wait until we finish painting the house before Greg will let me drill any more holes in the house..)


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